On April 19-20, 2018, Polonia University in Czestochowa (Poland) and Kryvyi Rih Economic Institute of Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman hosted the International Congress of Science.

The Congress embraced the work of four conferences:

  • III International Scientific Conference “Global Aspects of World Economy and International Relations in Conditions of Economic Instability” (moderator – Prof. Serhii Hushko);
  • Scientific Conference “Verbal Politics and Social Work in the Context of the Problems of Human in the 21st century” (moderator – Prof. Władysław Majkowski);
  • Scientific Conference “The Century of Independence of Poland in Humanities” (moderator – Prof. Wojciech Podleski);
  • International Scientific Conference “Problems of Ecology and Health” (moderator – Prof. Svitlana Voloshanska).

The organizers of the Congress:

— Polonia University in Czestochowa (Poland);
— Kryvyi Rih Economic Institute of Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman (Ukraine)

Co-organizers of the Congress:

— L’université Internationale Jean-Paul II de Bafang (KAMЕРУН)
— L’université Catholique Saint Jérôme de Douala (KAMEРУН)
— Rēzeknes Tehnoloģiju akadēmija (ЛАТВІЯ)
— International University in Rabat (MАРОККО)
— Universidade de Évora (ПОРТУГАЛІЯ)
— University of Presov (СЛОВАЧЧИНА)
— Technical University in Kosice (СЛОВАЧЧИНА)
— University of Oradea (РУМУНІЯ)
— State Ecological Academy of Postgraduate Education and Management (Ukraine)
— Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University (Ukraine)
— Drohobych Ivan Franko State Pedagogical University (Ukraine)
— Tashkent Campus of Lomonosov Moscow State University (Uzbekistan).

Polonia University welcomed the leading experts, scholars and students from different countries: Portugal, Italy, Cameroon, Poland, Ukraine, Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria etc.

Cooperation between Polonia University in Czestochowa (Poland) and Kryvyi Rih Economic Institute of Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman (Ukraine) lasts for more than five years, and encompasses the areas of scientific cooperation, international academic mobility, training program “Double Diploma”, etc. It is the third time when the institutions took on the organization of the International Scientific Conference.This year it has involved the work of five sections: strategic modelling of Ukrainian systems in the conditions of the instability of the economy; trends and priorities of development of international relations in the conditions of globalization; environmental issues and problems of energy efficiency in the global economy; modern forms of integration into the pre-profile, profile and higher school: European tendencies and perspectives.

The peculiarity of the Conference was the simultaneous conduct of the session and work of sections in Czestochowa and Kryvyi Rih.

The peculiarity of the Conference was the simultaneous conduct of the session and work of sections in Czestochowa and Kryvyi Rih. He noted that the Congress of Science in Czestochowa with the participation of representatives from many countries contributed to discussing the current issues in the context of economic, environmental and psychological spheres. This is a great experience of human communication and a great moment in uniting all the scholars from different countries.

The discussion resulted in the publication of scientific studies in PNAP (http://www.pnap.ap.edu.pl) as well as presentation of several monographs (http://nuife.ap.edu.pl/en/educator/books). In addition to scientific side of the Conference, the participants had an opportunity to explore Poland’s spiritual heritage visiting the world-famous monastery in Jasna Góra with its known icon of Black Madonna of Częstochowa, old monastery library, and listening to the performance Krakow Symphony Orchestra and the song and dance ensemble “Shlonsk”.

Prof. Andrii Shaikan, Director of KEI, addressed the participants of the Conference in Kryvyi Rihand his speech was focused on the problems of the modern high school of Ukraine and the prospects of profile education in the conditions of economic instability. Educators of Kryvyi Rih explored the European experience during the panel discussion within the section “Modern forms of integration of profile and high school: European tendencies and prospects», while four other sections were being held in Czestochowa.

Participants from Kryvyi Rih enjoyed interesting and meaningful reports:“Value and Competent Model of a Graduate of the Profile and High School in the Context of the Theory of Generations”by Victoria Poliakova,chief specialist of the Department of Education and Science of the Executive Committee of Kryvyi Rih City Council; “Conceptual Principles of Building Communications in University Education” by Valentyn Orlov,deputy director for research, pedagogical and educational work of KEI; “Realization of the Rights to Academic Mobility through European Educational Programs” by Yevhen Shatalov,assistant of the Department of International Economics of KEI; “Modular and developmental training as a form of organization of pre-profile and profile training in institutions of general secondary education” by Olena Lyzohub,deputy director for educational work of Kryvyi Rih Secondary School №70; “STEM-education as an innovative technology of profile education” by Hanna Trukhanenko,deputy director for educational work of Kryvyi Rih Natural-Science Lyceum; “Use of information and communication technologies in the process of pre-profile and profile education” by Oleksii Simanko, teacher of Kryvyi Rih Secondary School No. 58.

The second day in Kryvyi Rih began with a plenary session where the bachelor’s and master’s programs of Kryvy Rih Economic Institute of Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman were presented and discussed.

Our colleague, now a successful businessman in IT-technologies in the USA and UkraineArtem Kariavka, addressed the participants of the conference. Teachers, students of the institute and guests from colleges and technical schools listened about the possibilities of “cross” admission to study and academic mobility programs.

Yevhen Shatalov told about his own experience of studying under the program “Double Diploma”. The head of the board of student self-government of KEI, Alina Kuzmich, demonstrated on her own example how the knowledge gained at the institute helps in implementing youth policy at the national level.
The student conference embraced several sections including those of economic, legal and software engineering directionsas well as the section held in English. Students’ reports covered a wide range of problems in the modern economy: from management problems, environmental audit and energy efficiency of the economy to the problems of insurance and financial market. The students presented the results of their own research and their reports were accompanied by lively debates and discussion of scientific results.
The section of software engineering working in the framework of the III International Scientific Conference “Global Aspects of World Economy and International Relations in Conditions of Economic Instability” was headed by Prof., DSc Oleksandr Zelenskyi. His scientific school is known far beyond the city and has graduated many professional programmers.The students of “Software Engineering” program are involved both in theoretical studies and developing the original software which was presented to the public at the conference.
Students of the Faculty of Law took part in the student section of the International Scientific Conference as well. The future lawyers defended their reports in the conference room. Most of speakers were the students of 3rd-5th courses joined by junior studentswho actively participated in discussions. It is quite natural since the problems raised in debates provoke interest and are extremely relevant: legal regulation of cryptocurrency, European integration, sovereignty in the face of globalization, the problems of transnational corporations, etc.

Among the sections of the Polish-Ukrainian Conference, a special attention was paid to the English-speaking student section under the direction of Prof., DSc Oleksandr Skydan.

An exciting variation of the conference participation offered for the guests was the team-building activity guided by Alina Kuzmich, the head of the institute’s student self-government. College and technical school students had an opportunity to get acquainted with each other and acquire skills in maintaining the team. The acquaintance was fulfilled through the “Circle of desire” which enabled the students to open up their expectations of the study in the institute.

The economic section attracted significant number of participants. It was headed by the deputy dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management, PhD Olha Nikolaichuk, and deputy head of the Center for Student Communications, PhD Kateryna Holikova. The dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management, Prof., DSc Oleksandr Temchenko summed up the results of the conference and wished the participants to be creative and inspired, reach new discoveries and achievements.
During the team-building activities Denis Shabanin, the representative of U-Report Ukraine, and Alina Kuzmich told about U-Report program and presented gifts. Kryvyi Rih Economic Institutealso awarded guests with memorable gifts and valuable prizes.

A word to Congress participants

Kozlovska Larysa, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman:

“We are pleased to recall our visit to the International Congress of Science. If one should choose the word to describe our common mood, it would be FESTIVE! We are enthusiastic about the European format of the event that combines a high level of academic excellence and creativity, democracy, innovation.
We think that the place was conducive to this, because we felt the brightness of the spirituality of Jasna Góra. The team representing Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman united the teachers of the departments of various fields of scientific activity. Our studentspresented projects on the Polish-Ukrainian partnership in KNEU and the prospects for the development of bilateral tourism communications. The organizers made a maximum of hospitality efforts so that participants could seriously discuss global challenges for the global economy, bring up ecological and health problems, and decide on the prospects for the development of informational and educational space. The atmosphere was not just friendly, but family-friendly, positive, sincere, and comfortable. What is stamped in the memory? The spring-sunny palette of colors on the cozy streets of Częstochowa, with a bitter taste of aromatic coffee and confectionery masterpieces on the alley of the Holy Lady Maria… What are we dreaming of? Of course, meetingnew and old friends in a year!”

Luminita Soproni, PhD, University of Oradea: “I work at Oradea University. It is the second time that I take part in the Scientific Conference in Częstochowa. I have a very good impression of it. The organization of this event has improved significantly and the level of the conference has grown. We are waiting for your students, because the first group of students of Kryvyi Rih Economic Institute, who studied in our university last year, made a great impression on us. In 2018, we also expect your students to practice at the University of Oradea”

Liubov Kvasnii, Associate Professor, Ivan Franko Drohobych State Pedagogical University: “I visit Czestochowa and take part in the International Conference organized by Polonia University for the first time. My impressions of this event are very positive. I believe that this is an extraordinary contribution to the development of science, promotion of cooperation between scientists from different countries, which allows us to combine scientific ideas, use the best practices and, of course, share this experience for the development of each country, each science within the national economy. The representatives of our university included economists and environmentalists. We arrived as an organized group and everyone is very pleased with the organization and the very conference. We wish all participants and organizers further success in increasing the scientific potential of our country.”

Leshek Bednarchuk, Professor, Polonia University(Czestochowa): “The conference is very interesting and is of great concernfor its participants. My main subject is the study of the Slavic language and its emergence – Slavic linguistics, as well as the origin of the Slavs, their ancestral home, interlingual European ties. For many years, I worked as a teacher, professor in the pedagogical institute in Krakow. Now I am retired. I have been working at the University since the mid-1990s. I often visit similar conferences, but it is the first time that I spoke in the section “Humanities. Linguistics””.

Svetlana Tereshchenko, PhD, Associate Professor, Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman: “This is a very representative, well-organized and high-level conference. It is the first time that I participate in this conference. What impresses me the most is how much interest the speakers show in their studies. As a linguist, I am pleased that the conference is conducted in three languages (Polish, English, Ukrainian), and synchronously. Everything is clear and intelligible. Impressions of our students are also very positive. Four students and six teachers represent our university, and we are all from the Department of Ukrainian Language and Literature.”

Iryna Vasylchuk, Professor, Kryvy Rih Economic Institute of Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman: “Most of all, I am impressed by the fact that various issues I am interested in, such as sustainable development, were raised at the conference. So this is the conference of environmental and social direction. Today, these are very important issues, since there is an urgent need for humanity to survive, and therefore raising these problems is up-to-date. «

José Botelho, PhD, Universidade de Évora / Novobank worker (Portugal, Lisboa): “I work on the economic and financial analysis of the bank. This is a project for the construction of large roads. I was invited to participate in the conference by Volodymyr Kulishov, Professor of KEI and Polonia University. I was pleased to accept this invitation and took part in the conference to present the banking system of Portugal. I hope for further cooperation with the Kryvyi Rih Economic Institute and Polonia University.”

Andrzej Mirski, Professor, Polonia University(Czestochowa): “It is exciting to meet teachers, geologists, economists, psychologists in one place, which gives us an opportunity to exchange experience. This is a modern interdisciplinary approach. I’ve already visited Kryvyi Rih Economic Institute; I really liked it so I hope to develop further cooperation.”

Miroslava Skalik, Professor, Polonia University (Czestochowa): “International cooperation enriches us: it gives us a view of science from the perspective of different languages, different countries. This is a very interesting experience: mutual knowledge of common views on the science of friendly countries. So we are looking forward to new appointments. I hope for a new dialogue, a joint conference, a mutual integration. I call upon everyone to cooperate.”

Mykhailo Aliokhin, Teacher, Kryvyi Rih Secondary School №122: “The engagement of professional trainers and psychologists who work with teachers helps to set more effective internal professional communication, overcome stress, internal worries and to reach the self-awareness of the need for change.”

Volodymyr Kulishov, Professor, Kryvyi Rih Economic Institute of Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman (Kryvyi Rih), Polonia University (Czestochowa): “Our students – Alina Barkhota, Oksana Buravtsova, Anastasia Beskrovna, Kateryna Bortnyk, Natalia Suzdal – today study at Polonia University(Czestochowa, Poland). They arein their first year of the Master’s program in Economics. After completing their monthly training, they will be sent to the ERASMUS+ practical training program at the University of Romania (Oradea). I can point out that these are some of the best students, which is confirmed by their diplomas with honors.”

Alina Barkhota, student:

“I really like to study at the Polonia University. Teaching here is in English. The Academy has the latest equipment, so the lectures are very interesting and unusual. We often watch different videos, take part in debates, discussions, learn the Polish language and get acquainted with the Polish culture, play cognitive games. I am very grateful to my parents and our Institute for the opportunity to study under the program “Double Diploma”, since this program opens new horizons for me and lets me meet wonderful people.”

Anastasia Brukhanska, student: “On April 19-20, a Scientific Conference was held at the Kryvyi Rih Economic Institute. I think that it is a grand event for our Institute. I’d like to note the high level of speakers and their interesting reports. Consequently, the conferences like this encourage all professors, teachers and students to develop, solve economic problems and to keep abreast of current scientific developments.
In addition to the creative communication of scientists during the Сongress, the participants saw the performances of the folk ensemble of song and dance “Shlonsk” and the Krakow Symphony Orchestra, which brought great pleasure to spectators. We also enjoyed the visit to the world-famous Monastery of Jasna Góra, known for the fact that there is the Czestochowa icon of the Mother of God considered to be the greatest shrine for Catholics and Orthodox.

Oksana Buravtsova, student: “The students and guests of the conference, were fortunate to visit Jasna Góra. The monastery is the most revered shrine for the faithful. After a long time, the library of the monastery was opened. The atmosphere of this place is impressive. There are Bibles dated 17-18th centuries, works on Math and Anatomy, and this is still a little part, compared to the number of works that are stored there.”