​The International Scientific Congress united the work of several conferences:

  • International Scientific Conference “Global Aspects of World Economy and International Relations on Conditions of Instable Economy”;






  • International Scientific Conference “Strategies of Intercultural Communication in Linguistic Education of Modern Universities”;




  • International Scientific Conference “Ecology and Problems of Health”;



More than 500 leading experts, scientists and students from many countries of the world: Poland, Ukraine, Latvia, Portugal, Uzbekistan, Cameroun, Romania and other swererepresente dat the Congress.

It’s worth indicating the special feature of the present Congress “Smart Society 2019”, namely its simultaneous realization in four countries: Poland (Czestochowa), Ukraine (Kyiv, KryvyiRih and Drohobych) and Uzbekistan (Tashkent), where the meetings and the work of the scientific conferences were taking place.

Such actual tendencies and problems were discussed in the frames of the panel debates and sectional meetings:

  • what digital decisions are necessary to the companies for the work at the national and international level;
  • how to use the block-chain technologies in business-processes already today;
  • what perspectives are opened for business in E-commerce sphere;
  • what is E-finance and the radical transformation’s possibilities of the banking and finance sphere;
  • how to use the artificial intellect’s algorithms at practice for the data processing and automation;
  • how can we optimize the network between universities, business and investors, create the state and private programs, develop incubators and ecosystems and also centers and clusters of competitiveness;
  • problems, dealing with the transmission of electronic knowledge, electronic pedagogy, digitalization of training and teaching, etc.

The participant swere welcome   rector of POLONIA Academy — ksyondz- professor Andjei Krynsky at the festive opening of the Congress.He marked that the realization of II International Scientific Congress “SMART SOCIETY 2019in Czestochowa at the participation of representatives from many countries promoted the discussion of the modern stage problems of the world, economic and social development, being characterized by the essential influence of digitalization on it. The new trend’s social objectiveness of the world social development, based on the digital presentation of information, was mentioned, which results in the rise of the economy efficiency and the improvement of the life quality in the scopes of the economic and social life of both a separate country and the whole world. The realization of the conception “society digitalization” is changed by the conditions of life and economic behavior of people. The attention is concentrated on business-behavior and new possibilities of business environment. The organizational forms and new methods of business conducting on conditions of digital transformation and digital economy in the context of the economic, ecological, psychological problems are analyzed. It is a great experience of human communication and the wonderful unity moment of all scientists from different countries.

The following reports were presented at the plenary meeting:

  • José Manuel Botelho (FEITORIA EMPRESARIAL — BUSINESS FACTORY, Portugal) — Strategic Management Model for Economic Development;
  • Alla Sokolova (VOLYN STATE AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENTAL STATION OF THE INSTITUTE OF POTATO STUDIES OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF AGRARIAN SCIENCES OF UKRAINE, Ukraine) — Ecological Priorities of Permanent Development of Rural Areas: Assessment and Regional Peculiarities;
  • Lienīte Litavniece (REZEKNE ACADEMY OF TECHNOLOGIES, Latvia) — Cooking Classes as a New Gastronomic Tourism Product;
  • Bartosz Wanot (POLONIA ACADEMY IN CZESTOCHOWA, Poland) — Modern Medical Staff and Health Preservation;
  • Olga Cheremska (KYIV NATIONAL ECONOMIC UNIVERSITY NAMED AFTER VADYM HETMAN, Ukraine) — Innovative Teaching and Methodological Support for Teaching Professional Language at Economic Institutions of Higher Education

The results of the topics discussion were the publication of the scientific articles in PNAP Journal (http://www.pnap.ap.edu.pl) and the Monograph presentation (http://nuife.ap.edu.pl/en/educator/books). Besides the scientific problems, the participants had the opportunity to enjoy the spiritual inheritance of Poland Republic, to visit the worldwide-known monastery in Yasna Gura, where the Czestochowa God’s Mother icon is, to listen to the singing and dancing ensemble “Shlyonks” performance.

The conducting of the Business-Projects Competition among the students has become the characteristic feature of the Congress this year.

The Organizational Committee complement included: the head, the secretary, members of the Organizational Committee (coordinators from educational establishments).

  • POLONIA Academy in Czestochowa — Adrian Pop, PhD, e-mail: [email protected];
  • KryvyiRih Economic Institute of SHEE “Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman”- Radko Viktoria, PhD, tel. +38067 639 87 81, e-mail: [email protected];
  • Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University – Filimonov Elena, PhD, tel.+38066 786 82 50, e-mail: [email protected]
  • RezekneAcademy of Technologies — Lienīte Litavniece, PhD, e-mail: [email protected]
  • Tashkent Branch of M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University – AbduhakimMamanazarov, PhD, e-mail: [email protected]

The Competition foresaw the elaboration and presentation of projects in the spheres: E-business& E-commerce; FinТech & E-finance; E-learning& E-pedagogy; SmartCityServices; Industry 4.0; Digital  Business Ecosystem sand was held in three nominations: “Commercial Project” (production, sphere of services and trade); “Social Project” – business-projects, being financed due to the sponsor, grant resources or the means from the state budget and are directed at the decision of a certain social problem; “Start-Up Project” (hardware or software decision)”.

According to the previously held regional competitions, five projects were selected for the participation in the Competition final:

  • Business-project of the implementation of «Smart Greenhouse»
  • Business-project, creating a company, producing light reflecting clothing:»Abris» Ltd. Company
  • Business-project Language E-Learning Platform PoLang
  • Business-project LLC “Side Jobs”
  • Investment project OPEN-AIR CINEMA

The business-project, creating the enterprise, producing light reflecting clothing “Abris” Ltd. Company, was presented by the students of KryvyiRih Economic Institute of KNEU: Chaika Vladyslav (speciality “Management”) and Azarenko Dmytro (speciality “International Economy”).

They gained the confident victory in the nomination “Commercial Project” under the department head’s leadership of management and public administration, professor Matukova Ganna Illivna and received the winner Certificate and money reward.

The department head of management and public administration, professor Matukova Ganna Illivna indicates:

— At present our KryvyiRih Economic Institute of SHEE “KNEU named after Vadym Hetman” gives a great opportunity to future managers and economists of all spheres of the economy for the communication with students of all foreign countries. The scientific society of the higher educational establishment is working productively at searching of new forms and methods of conducting the scientific-practical arrangements. Therefore the active participation of our students in the Competition of business-projects was not accidental, we were preparing to the Competition final and presentation of our ideas with the enthusiasm. But the future specialists should be ambitious and at this realistic as more as they can, where the corner-stone will be the unity of the professional purposes with the private life ones. We, teachers, are striving for the development of a student as an individual, the formation of his (her) leader qualities, the development of the ability to conduct negotiations and other skills, necessary in business.

The first-year student Azarenko Dmytro (“International Economy”) presents his opinion on the Competition:

— Having arrived by several days before the Congress, we had the opportunity to get acquainted with the cultural values of the Polish town, to visit Yasna Gura, to walk along the paths of Polish Switzerland, where we received the maximal satisfaction and inspiration before the Congress beginning. We are very glad that we had the opportunity not only to present our higher educational establishment at the international level, but to become the winners in the nomination “Commercial Project”. The gainedin valuable experience and the uneasy victory inspired me to participate more in the Institute life. I’ll present our Institute with satisfaction in future both at the domestic and international levels.

The students of the RezekneAcademy of Technologies (Latvia) with the business-project, creating a company, dealing with placing of announcements on job in the web-site : “Side Jobs” Company have become the winners in the nomination “Social Project”, the students of the Tashkent Branch of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University (Uzbekistan) have become the best ones in the nomination “Start-Up Project” with the business-project “Smart Greenhouse”. All the winners received the Certificates and money rewards.

TheBranch rector assistant of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University (Uzbekistan, Tashkent) Mamanazarov Abduhakim Bazarovych shares his impressions:

 — The II International Scientific Congress “SMART SOCIETY 2019”is recognized as the most prestigious competition, uniting the high academic level, democracy and innovations. It is recommended as the powerful platform for the elaboration of new innovational approaches and tasks’ decision in the economic sphere. It’s the most important ground for the economy future, which will guarantee the country’s movement ahead and its competitiveness. But the Competition of business-projects and start-ups itself is the completely new innovational elaboration, with the deep sense. We saw in the process of business-projects’ defense that the students of all countries-participants have the powerful scientific potential. The active participation and the new gained experience are the evidences of the high training level of students and the scientific-professional work of teachers.

The organizers showed their hospitality in the wonderfully organized excursion program for the participants of the Congress. InApril, 10, 2019 the participants of the Congress visited the Oitsov national park, castles and fortresses, entering the tourist route “Route of Eagles’ Nests”. The Congress participants also had the opportunity to touch the spiritual inheritance of Poland Republic – to visit the worldwide-known monastery on Yasna Gura, where the Czestochowa God’s Mother icon is located.

The history of the well-known monastery on YasnaGura begins in the ancient 1382, when the prince VladyslavOpolchyk invited several monks-Paulins from Hungary in order to carry forward the Christianity widening on Polish lands. The God’s Mother icon from Belz, — the town, situated today in Ukraine, in Lviv region, was transferred by the efforts of the same prince to the founded new monastery. At present it is one of the mostly respected images in the world. Besides, it’s respected by both Catholics and Orthodox people.

At the final stage of our stay in Poland, in spite of the Saturday morning snow, the bravest participants of the Congress went to Krakov. There was the traditional Easter fair at that time. We had the opportunity to taste the traditional Polish dishes. For example, soups (zhurek) and varenyks, according to the ancient recipes: with buckwheat, cabbage and mushrooms, meat or bread with lard and fermented cucumber. Sweets were also sufficient.

The fair was accompanied by the hunting arrangements. The paschal rituals, the Competition of the traditional palm-tree branch, others, were presented. According to Krakov tradition, the Easter table will be in the market at 12-oo and the baskets will be sacred.  But on Watering Monday the Syuda-Baba will come there and try to paint the girls by soot and look for her successor.

On the 10-th of April the participants of the Congress visited the Oitsov park during the excursion. It is the smallest national park in Poland, but with a lot of the limestone rocks of the fairy-tale forms and different size, with caves and ancient metacarpus castles. The park is situated not far from Krakov and today, like before, it is famous for the richness of geological forms, first of all. The rocks and stone posts of natural origin, made of Jurassic period’s limestone, are located on the park territory. The tower and the ruined walls of the Oitsov castle, built by the king Kazymyrthe Great, stand above the valley of the river Prondnika.

After the Oitsov castle we visited another castle – the castle neat the Sand Rock. Once upon a time, long ago, in the Middle Ages, the king Kazymyr the Great built the line of castles on the border of Poland and Czech for the defense of Krakov from Czechs attack. One of the most famous is the Sand Rock. Those fortresses were located on the tops of rocks and were called “Eagle Nests”. The neighboring fortress was seen from each such fortress. It’s connected with the fact that in the Middle Ages the messages were transferred with the help of the light signals. That’s why if the enemy troops appeared on those bordering lands, then, in Vavel they knew about them quickly.

The International Scientific Congress “Smart Society 2019” at KryvyiRih Economic Institute of SHEE “KNEU named after Vadym Hetman”:

The International Conference “Global Aspects  of World Economy and International Relations on Conditions of Instable Economy” in the frames of the International Scientific Congress “Smart Society 2019” was also held in April,12, 2019 in the assembly-hall of the educational building № 2 of KryvyiRih Economic Institute of SHEE “KNEU named after Vadym Hetman”, where the participants were welcomed by the Cand.of Ec.Sc.,assistant professor, the faculty dean of accounting, finance and information technologies Iryna Maksymova:

— Our KryvyiRih Economic Institute has been the key co-organizer and participant of the International Conference “Global Aspects of World Economy and International Relations on Conditions of Instable Economy” for already four years. It’s necessary to indicate that not only the number of the participants, but the quantity of the countries and also the higher education establishments-partners, taking part at the Conference from year to year, increase too. Therefore this arrangement developed into the real International Congress. Today the Congress meeting is held at our Institute and also at the POLONIA Academy, at the Latvia University and Petro Mohyla University in Mykolaiv and  at our leading higher educational establishment – Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman too.

Iryna concentrated the attention of all the present people on the fact that the number of the participants at the meetings has greatly grown: there are many active, initiative students, who wrote their works in thesis and scientific articles, being formed into two collections of scientific works.

The plenary meeting took place, but after the mutual photo for everybody’s memory and tasty tea ceremony there were the meetings of the following sections: economic section (in the assembly-hall), where the section moderator was Dr.ofEc.Sc., department professor of finance, banking and insurance Iryna Vasylchuk; law section (in the room 217), where the moderator was PhD, assistant professor Oksana Telychko; the section of information technologies (in the room 212), which was represented by two departments – the department of informatics, engineering and software – the department head: DSc, professor Oleksandr Zelensky, and the department of information technologies and modeling – the department head: DSc, professor Igor Volodymyrovych Shelevytsky.

The subjects of the digital economy, smart society, the use of the artificial intellect and other sare the corner stones of the Congress of today and this year.

— You are living now at time, being fascinating, — said professor I.P. Vasylchuk, applying to the young people (the theme of her report – “Worker of the Future or What Skills Will Be Required in the Era of the Artificial Intellect”). – In the years of my youth I was greatly inspired by fantasy and everything we are having nowseemed to be incredible at that time: now you may receive the mechanism part, if you set the program; put any question and receive the reply at once, or create the artificial food – now it’s real. All that seemed to be incredible even 10 years ago, -for example, if we could only imagine that a man or a woman would speak to the virtual person or the robot, we would take it like something fantastic. But now you ask the robot and receive the reply. The artificial intellect and automation today are everywhere. The fourth industrial revolution, that has captured all the world, creates new opportunities, transforms our society, business, economy. And the society becomes another one.

The report of professor I.Shelevytsky, named “Information System Herttone” was interesting. Igor Volodymyrovych stopped in details at the most  important problem of the present time – the assistance to babies, being born with heart defects.

—The ability to make the inquiry, the ability to understand the algorithm or to read the program, — all this is the basic one and it’s necessary for the economy of today, — said I.V. Shelevytsky. – Those who have skills, they have the advantages. If you want to meet the modern level of requirements, you should have the necessary modern level of knowledge.

The sectional meeting of II International Scientific Congress “Smart Society 2019” took place in April, 18, 2019 at the KryvyiRih Economic Institute of Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman in the assembly-hall of building 2–“Modern Integration Forms of Pre-Profile, Profile (Professional) and Higher School: European Tendencies and Perspectives”, — at which almost one hundred persons from 59 educational establishments of KryvyiRih were present.

 The moderator Vasylchuk Iryna Petrivna–Dr.ofEc.Sc., the department professor of finance, bankingandinsurancetoldattheplenarymeetingabouttheconductingoftheInternationalScientificConference “GlobalAspectsofWorldEconomyandInternationalRelationsonConditionsofInstable Economy”, beingheldin April, 11-12 at the POLONIA Academy (Czestochowa, Poland), having presented thestatisticaldataofthedefinitegrowthofboththeCongressparticipantsandthenumberofcountriesforthelastthreeyears.

— We continued the tradition of the previous years, — she said. – Our meeting is a part of that great International Congress, which is held on different territories and in different countries. We are the small part of that society, that great work, having been done by us for the last time. But it’s the creation of the common platform to unite you and us, teachers and lecturers, for our common aim – teaching of an individual, entering the new society.

Shaikan Andrii – the director of the KryvyiRih Economic Institute of Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman spoke with greetings from the Congress organizers to the educators. He expressed his gratitude to all the present people for their participation at the Congress and wished the productive job.

— Our lecturers study the experience of the leading universities in Poland and Romania, in Germany and Portugal, in Baltic countries, — he said. – Such well-known thesis says that there are no problems, but there are new possibilities. If we actually have some problems, then, we should stop at the new possibilities and directions, involve partners, business representatives into the common arrangements, receive new contacts, collective experience, new competences.

The director expressed a great gratitude to the partners: PJSC “Arselor Mittal Kryvyi Rih” and “Metinvest” Company for their support and assistance in our arrangement’s conducting.

 The reports of speakers, who shared their gains and works with the people, being present at the meeting “Modern Integration Forms of Pre-Profile, Profile (Professional) and Higher School: European Tendencies and Perspectives”, were the following:

Vostryakov Oleksandr  – the faculty dean of the economy and management of KNEU named after V. Hetman, PhD – told on modern methods of training, youth gaining of necessary competences;

Karyavka Artem  – the founder of Liva Rava Neuronet Company  –  told on the cyber-safety and challenges, set by the information technologies before the society, on the protection of personal data and others;

Marina Oksana  — the director for personnel of the “Metinvest” Company’s mining-extraction assets – told on the requirements to the higher educational establishments’ graduates from the side of employers, on the necessary to youth skills, that can be gained in the process of training and job.

The department’s main specialist on education and science of the KryvyiRih Municipal Council’s executive committee– PhD Polyakova Victoria  greeted all the people, being present in the assembly-room:

—Today the Kryvyi Rih Economic Institute of Kyiv National Economic University named after V. Hetman has become not only the territory of success for students, but the ground, where new ideas, new messages are discussed and created, where there are new approaches to the collaboration and partnership of the secondary and higher education, for our great plans, — she said, — There is something to suggest here, at home, to our graduates of KryvyiRih.

After the plenary meeting, the Congress participants were divided into two groups, for which master-classes were conducted.

The master-class “How to become the effective leader in the modern world” was conducted by Kolyada Kateryna Valentynivna, the head’s duties performer of the social development board of the Department on personnel of PJSC “Arselor Mittal KryvyiRih” in the assembly-room. The training’s participants came to know how to manage the personnel effectively and to motivate it correctly; how to build the qualitative work of their collaborators, using the latest instruments of management; how to motivate and involve personnel, using not only financial motivation.

Kalischuk Svitlana, the department assistant professor of social-humanitarian sciences of KEI KNEU named after V. Hetman, PhD told on the mediation in education (those who wished to listen to her, gathered in the lounge-zone).  The training’s participants came to know how to find the decision ways of the conflict situations, being the stress ones for the participants and for those who are trying to decide them; how to form the abilities to solve conflicts; how to get rid of  negative states and to find the resource for the common searching of  exit from the conflict situations.

We listened to the lecture of the department professor of economy and entrepreneurship of KNEU named after V. Hetman, DSc Sagaidak Mykhailo with great attention, in which he told on communications and critical thinking of the educational process participants (in the assembly-hall).The training’s participants came to know the theory and practice of critical thinking; had the opportunity to get to know the private abilities of critical thinking; to approbate by the methods of critical thinking’s development in their educational activity.

 Datsko Kateryna, the dean of the juridical faculty of KEI KNEU named after V. Hetman, PhD, spoke on the project approach in the activity of the educational establishment (in the lounge-zone). The training’s participants came to know about EU funds and financing possibilities of the educational projects; how to create the project office in the structure of the modern educational establishment.

Having gathered again all together in the assembly-room, the Congress participants heard the sincere words of gratitude, being expressed by the Institute director, professor Andrii Valeriyovych Shaikan to the speakers and to all those who attached a lot of efforts to conduct that arrangement.

 The brightest and intellectual arrangement – “Economic Tournament” among the teams of the municipal schools and technical schools, where Economics is taught,- was held in April, 19 at the KryvyiRih Institute of Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman. The Tournament took place in the frames of II International Scientific Congress “SMART SOCIETY 2019”.

The Tournament was festively opened byLozivetsInesaVyacheslavivna, the director of KryvyiRih Specialized School № 9 with the advanced learning of Economics, law and foreign languages.

The competitions of young economists, being held in the series form of interactive and role games, promoted gaining abilities to solve economic problems, improving of communicative skills and the ability to conduct the scientific discussion in the form of debates.

The teams “DivochaLogika ta ZdorovyiGluzd” of KCMG, “Neformat” of KSS № 9  and “Komersants” of KGES № 110 passed the second round, according to the results of semi-final.

The school-children demonstrated themselves very well during debates as the reporters, opponents and reviewers, having shown the mastery of the true oratory. However, the unusual questions in Economics were waiting for them, requiring the ability to think deeply, to prove their own opinion and to put the opportune questions. For example: “Is the digital jump possible in the key branches of Ukraine economy?” or “The rich watches of the Switzerland and the cheap ones of the China production show the same time. Will the Switzerland producer survive on these conditions?”

After the fiery discussions the victorious places were divided in the following way: “Neformat”, KSS № 9 — Іplace;“Komersants”, КGES № 110 — ІІplace;“DivochaLogika taZdorovyiGluzd”, KCMG— ІІІplace.

All the teams’ participants and also their leaders received the participants’ Certificates of the Tournament and the International Scientific Congress “SMART SOCIETY 2019”. Three teams-finalists received the valuable presents from the representatives of PJSC “ArselorMittalKryvyiRih”, but the team-winner received the opportunity to beat the strike into the town bowling!

As it was mentioned before, the honored judges of the Tournament were the following companies’ representatives of personnel management: “Metinvest”- PodolyakinaMarynaOleksandrivna and PJSC “ArselorMitalKryvyiRih” – GruschynskaOlenaIgorivna and MykhailyukYuriyVasylyovych. By the way, the speakers from those powerful enterprises of Ukraine also took part at II International Scientific Congress “SMARTSOCIETY 2019”.

The Tashkent Branch head’s assistant of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, the head of the department: “General-Humanities and Social-Economic Disciplines” ,Cand. Of Ec. Sc., assistant professor Mamanazarov Abduhakim Bazarovych spoke withgreetings: “I am glad towel come you in this hall and express my sincere respect to you. This representative Congress recommended itself as the authoritative area for the elaboration of new approaches and tasks’ decisions in the economic, ecological, psychological and social spheres. When we speak on the intellectual, “smart society”, we should understand that a new information paradigm is being formed now. Everything has changed, including the sphere of education; the further we are, the higher is the dynamics of these changes.

Thesimilararrangementsareveryimportant, becausethedevelopmentoftheeconomy, cultureandsocietydependsdirectly upon the formation of notions on the economic processes, spiritual-moral values, patriotism, respect to their country, its history and traditions, — in the new generation”.

It should be mentioned that not only the number of the participants (more than 500), but the number of the countries, participating at the Congress (12), and also the number of the higher educational establishments – partners (6) are also growing from year to year.

In fact, this arrangement developed into the real scientific arena for the new innovational projects. Itrecommendeditselfastheauthoritative area for the elaboration of new innovational approaches and tasks’ decisions in the economic sphere. It’s the most important part for the economy future, that will provide the country’s movement ahead and its competitiveness.

ThemainorganizersoftheCongresswere: theRezekneAcademy of Technologies (Latvia), thePetroMohylaBlackSeaNationalUniversity (Ukraine), thePOLONIAAcademyinCzestochowa (Poland), theKryvyiRihEconomicInstituteofSHEE “KyivNationalEconomicUniversitynamedafterVadymHetman” (Ukraine), theTashkentBranchofM.V. LomonosovMoscowStateUniversity (Uzbekistan), theDrohobychIvan FrankoStatePedagogicalUniversity (Ukraine).

SuchinternationalhighereducationalestablishmentsastheInternationalUniversitynamedafterJeanPaulIIinBafang (Cameroun), theDualCatholicUniversity (Cameroun), theInternationalRabatUniversity (Morocco), the OradyaUniversity (Romania), theTechnicalUniversityinCoshitsa (Slovakia), thePresovUniversity (Slovakia) participatedat the Congress too.

TheCongressisfollowingonlyoneimportantaim – thedeepenedexaminationoftheconceptualquestionsandpracticalachievementsinthedevelopmentsphereofthe “smart” countrywiththestrongeconomicpolicy, underwhichweunderstandnowthetotalpeople’sefforts, strategic modeling of the systems’ organization on conditions of the instable economy. The main themes of the Congress were: the digital economy, “Smart society”, the use of artificial intellect.

TheCongressgatheredtheuniqueprofessionals’societyofourcountryandforeignrepresentatives, in the course of whichtheperspectivesandtheannouncement ofscientificresearches’ results on theproblemsoftheeconomydevelopment, thetendenciesandprioritiesinthedevelopmentofinternationalrelationsinthecontextofglobalizationwere examined.

The first students spoke in the student section of the Congress “Smart Society -2019” in Tashkent city with the presentation “Smart Greenhouse” – the winners of the Competition of Youth Business-Projects, — IskandarovOtazhon and BurganovaAliya in the nomination: the best “Start-Up Project”. They presented the Business-Plan on the construction realization of smart greenhouses for the growing of qualitative agricultural products.

Later on the masters of the first and the second courses of the faculties “Psychology” and “Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences” spoke with their reports.

The festive ceremony of rewarding started after the appearance of all the participants. The winners of the Competition of Youth Business-Projects and “Start-Up Project” in the frames of the Congress “Smart Society 2019” – IskandarovOtazhon and BurganovaAliya – were rewarded in the first turn. They were presented with Diploma, Certificates and also money reward.

TheBranchprofessor-teachingstaffof M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University was also presented with Certificates of II International Scientific Congress, together with PNAP Scientific Journals, where their articles were published. The students-masters of the faculties “Psychology” and “Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences” received the Congress material collections with their scientific articles.

It was mentioned in the whole that the student section of II International Scientific Congress was held in the spirit of mutual understanding and constructive discussion of the actual problems that will make the essential contribution into the improvement of the economic and informational space, the system of education, will define the prior directions of development for the nearest years.

Themaintaskofthestudentsection’sconductingis to lay the bases for the formation of the highly-moral, educated and patriotic youth. We hope that we’ll take an active part in the following arrangements too and we’ll develop our scientific potential, strengthen the cooperation and mutual integration with pleasure.